Pure cotton quality, Half no twist cut velvet

Pure cotton quality, Half no twist cut velvet

Breed class is excellent, Market foreground is good
Confidence Textiles - Twin-lantern Home Textile

Confidence Textiles - Twin-lantern Home Textile

ISO10012 measurement & testing system certification; Oeko-tex hazardous material inspection and certification
Zhejiang Twin-Lantern Home Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Twin-Lantern Home Textile Co., Ltd

Is a set of weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing as one of the all-purpose towel production enterprises.

[Yuxin Machine Opens a New Board] The first day of the Canton Fair was a turnover of 25.77 million US dollars

"I like the plates most...... (I like this plate...)" At 12 noon on June 15, two young salesmen of Jinhua Wonderful Commodity Co., Ltd. started live broadcast on time, serving customers through the Canton Fair online platform Bring a detailed product introduction. This day was the first day of the opening of the 127th Canton Fair. There was no dialogue with customers at the exhibition site, but the online platform also opened the door to sales for export enterprises in our city.

New product tasting

New product tasting

Seeking new opportunities during the crisis, Lanxi's company "fires fully"!

Affected by the epidemic situation abroad, Zhejiang Shuangdeng Home Textile Co., Ltd.'s overseas foreign trade orders were basically suspended. In the face of this grim situation, Shuangdeng Home Textiles is based on its own advantages, through the "online" + "offline" sales model, vigorously expand the domestic market and seek new opportunities in the crisis.

This year's popular towels, better care of the skin

Strong water absorption, no hair loss and no color fading, increase thickening, soft skin care, skin care, the whole family renewed one by one, in the material of this towel, its design is in place, in the intimate of the satin file process, In the simple satin file process, it is woven with high-density woven thread, and the towel has good water absorption. In the softness of this towel, it is full of skin-feeling, and a towel of full quality is full of happiness.

The home textiles market has a unique gift trend

"This year's holiday does not accept gifts, but only melatonin." The ad phrase that made the audience familiar with the bombardment on the screen once, two villains dancing in the hula dance "selling cute" picture, so People can't laugh or cry.
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