Zhejiang Twin-Lantern Home Textile Co., Ltd.
ls a set of weaving, bleaching,dyeing, printing. finishing as one of the all-purpose towel production enterprises.
Confidence Textiles - Twin-Lantern Home Textile
ISO10012 measurement & testing system certificaion;Oeko-tex hazardous material inspection and certification
Pure cotton quality, Half no twist cut velvet
Breed class is excellent,Market foreground is good
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About Us

Zhejiang Twin-Lantern Home Textile Co., Ltd.

It is a private enterprise established by the former state-owned Lanxi Towel General Factory, which was founded in 1956 and reformed in April 2000. It is one of the top 500 enterprises in China's textile and garment industry and a key enterprise in Zhejiang Province to earn foreign exchange through towel production and export. It is a towel manufacturer integrating weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing.

The company's main products are face towel, pillow towel, square towel, bath towel, towel quilt, towel bathrobe and other seven categories, printing, jacquard, plain color, color, cut velvet, spiral, satin, embroidery and other more than 800 varieties, 4000 a variety of colors. The company takes "management standardization, product serialization, brand internationalization" as its business goal, and "quality for survival, innovation for development" as its core brand concept, so that its products develop in a high, refined and new direction, and it has embarked on a technology content., High added value, excellent variety and grade, good market prospects, marketable road to create high-quality brands......


China's top 500 textile and garment enterprises


Plant founded in 1956


More than 4000 design and color


32 kinds of products were patented

corporate culture concept

Mission: to create a win-win space, we are committed to establishing a career platform for employees and enterprises to grow and develop together, to provide employees with space to display their aspirations, realize their dreams, win wealth and social respect, and let everyone enjoy the success of their careers and the happiness of their work!

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Jacquard Series

Jacquard Series


Maintenance techniques for company news towels

Carefully follow the instructions on the care label for care. When washing cotton towels, avoid overheating the water temperature and prolonged drying. Rolling and drying in a dryer can make cotton towels more fluffy and soft, while hanging and drying cannot achieve this effect.


The raw material technology of towels

Towel is a machine woven fabric made from textile fibers (such as cotton) that have a raised or cut pile on the surface. It is generally made from pure cotton yarn, with a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn mixed in, and woven using a towel loom.


The development of towels

There are many types of towels, but they can generally be classified into bath towels, face towels, square and floor towels, as well as beach towels, etc.



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No.8, Yanzhou Road, Economic Development Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province

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