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Pure cotton quality, Half no twist cut velvet

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Confidence Textiles - Twin-lantern Home Textile

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The home textiles market has a unique gift trend

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"This year's holiday does not accept gifts, only gifts received melatonin." The phrase that made the audience familiar with the advertisement was bombarded on the screen at one time, and the two villains danced in the hula dance "selling cute". People can't laugh or cry. But for the New Year and New Year birthday weddings, in order to thank friends and present relatives and friends, sending carefully selected gifts has become a habit of behavior, and the gift market has also become very hot. After all, there is an ancient saying that "the gift of sending goose feathers in thousands of miles" is so gentle.
In China, where gifts are exchanged, gifts have been integrated into all aspects of our lives since ancient times. Gift giving has become an indispensable form of socialization for each of us to live and integrate into society. However, there are various types of gifts. Tobacco, wine, clothing, bags, home accessories, small appliances, etc. have become popular gifts. In particular, in recent years, home textile products have gradually joined the army of the gift industry. Home textile products are healthier than tobacco and alcohol products, and more practical than crystal craft products. Home textiles are comfortable and considerate, which is the first choice for gifts. This is why wedding products are popular. In recent years, people's living standards have generally improved, and the children's consumer goods market has gradually expanded. The children's home textile market has also begun to attract the attention of home textile companies.
Home textiles, as the name implies, are household textiles. Including: bedding, quilts, towels, curtains, fabrics, etc. Together with apparel textiles and industrial textiles (industrial cloths, etc.), textiles constitute a three-thirds world situation. Compared with tobacco, alcohol, digital and other products, home textile brands have really been involved in the gift industry much later, but after gradually becoming a gift, home textile has quickly become a hot new darling. Home textile gifts are generally suitable for gifts and promotions of various business activities. Shopping mall openings, corporate meetings, employee benefits are suitable for sending some suitable bedding kits, silk quilts and other products, which can make the recipient feel considerate. At the same time, home textile products belong to the category of home textiles. It can be perfectly matched with other textile and apparel products. Home textile products belong to the category of home furnishing and can be tied to the building materials market, home furnishing market, and furniture market.
Many home textile products in home furnishing stores are gradually gaining popularity in the market, giving consumers a refreshing experience. At the same time, the market also appears to buy furniture to send bedding, bed and bedding prosperity and symbiosis. In just a few years, home textile gift sales have increased to about 20% to 30% of gift company sales. According to the 2010 National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gifts Chamber of Commerce survey report, as of the end of 2009, the annual sales volume of the gift market reached 890 billion, of which textiles accounted for 28%. In the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of the home textile consumption market will not be less than 20%. In 2010, the consumption of textile products in China once reached nearly 1.5 trillion yuan. It can be seen from this that the gifting of home textiles shows a clear strengthening trend. Home textile products are more fashionable to meet individual needs. With the improvement of living standards, bedding is no longer a durable product in people's view. In the past, the situation of "one-sided" in the bedding market is gone forever. The design of bedding products has changed from simply meeting the needs of sleep in the past to the pursuit of health and environmental protection, and the soft decoration integrated with home decoration.
Fashion designers have entered the field of home textile design, and well-known international fashion apparel brands have also turned to the home textile market, indicating that the home textile industry is striving to catch up with the fashion pace of the apparel industry. Regardless of the style, style, and color of bedding, they are more and more trendy, and the connection between the two occurs in the use of materials and classic elements. The designer advocates the fashion of home textiles, subverts purely functional product design, uses fashion and sentiment as symbols, meticulously understands the functional needs of modern people for home textile products, and caters to the personal life experience of modern people, injecting warmth into the home Element of life. At present, domestic household textile consumption only accounts for 20% of the total textiles. In developed countries, especially the United States and Japan, the proportion of household textiles is as high as about 40%, surpassing clothing as the largest consumer field. In the future, with the increase of domestic residents' disposable income and the gradual change of consumption habits, comfortable and healthy bedding will become the first choice for residents, and bedding has a broad market prospect in China.


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