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[Yuxin Machine Opens a New Board] The first day of the Canton Fair was a turnover of 25.77 million US dollars

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Jinhua News Client News on June 15 Reporter Luo Yi

"I like the plates most...... (I like this plate...)" At 12 noon on June 15, two young salesmen of Jinhua Wonderful Commodity Co., Ltd. started live broadcast on time, serving customers through the Canton Fair online platform Bring a detailed product introduction. This day was the first day of the opening of the 127th Canton Fair. There was no dialogue with customers at the exhibition site, but the online platform also opened the door to sales for export enterprises in our city.




It is understood that the products exhibited by Wonderful this time are mainly various series of high-end disposable tableware, mainly exported to European and American markets. "Before, we have participated in the 27th Canton Fair offline." Xu Xianjuan, Sales Director of Wonderful, said that the company attaches great importance to this year's online Canton Fair, starting from the beginning of this month to prepare for the establishment of a dedicated team of more than 20 people to organize professional training , And purchased professional live broadcast equipment, in order to better show the details and quality of products to customers. "For the Canton Fair, we have also arranged more than 200 square meters of live broadcast room, hoping to show more products to customers."

  On the eve of the opening, Wonderful's tough team even worked overtime to select products, display and display, debug and test the live broadcast equipment, and plan the live content. "The purpose of making sufficient preparations is to hope that our products and services will give new and old customers a deeper and better impression," Xu Xianjuan said, "Affected by the epidemic, the company's disposable tableware exports fell from January to May 50%, hope to increase orders and increase visibility through this Canton Fair."

"In the past, offline guests sometimes could not participate because of travel and other reasons. This year everyone can see it without leaving the house, which is helpful for us to discover more potential new customers." It is understood that during the 10-day exhibition, Wonderful will group live broadcasters in turn according to the time difference abroad, and plan to broadcast 4 live broadcasts a day, each live broadcast for two hours.

   Facing the impact of the epidemic, since April, the foreign trade orders of Zhejiang Shuangdeng Home Textile Co., Ltd. (except Japan) have been basically suspended. In the face of this grim situation, Shuangdeng Home Textiles is based on its own advantages, through the "online" + "offline" sales model, vigorously expand the market and seek new opportunities in the crisis. Shuangdeng Home Textiles adjusted its thinking in time and made preparations for both hands. On the one hand, it paid attention to the foreign market at any time, and on the other hand, it made great efforts to expand the domestic market and increase the domestic market share.

  At 4 pm on June 15th, the live room of Shuangdeng Home Textiles was very lively. The anchors were showing the details of new products to the online merchants of the Canton Fair in front of the camera. "In terms of seizing the domestic market, we strive to make JD.com and Tmall's self-operated stores larger, and try to promote traffic through online celebrity live streaming. At the same time, we also increase our efforts to become offline, focusing on business and supermarket." Shuangdeng Lou Pan, the host of the home textile business, said, "This online Canton Fair, we have prepared nearly a hundred new products, as well as new suits, hoping to seize the market in this new way of market expansion, and win the opportunity for development. "




It is understood that through the organization of training and other series of service measures, the city's commercial department fully supports the development of foreign trade enterprises in our city and helps enterprises fight the key battle of the online Canton Fair. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that there were 892 booths and 450 exhibiting companies in this online Canton Fair Jinhua trading branch. As of 3 pm on June 15th, the turnover of participating enterprises in our city totaled 25.77 million US dollars.

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